Don’t Forget the Giblet Gravy!

Thanksgiving meal would not be complete without an old time giblet gravy. I am passing down my family recipe to you!

Recipe for Giblet Gravy

Turkey broth from boiling the giblets
finely cut up giblets minus the gristle
4-5 boiled eggs, cut up fairly small
some pieces of of your chicken thighs that you boiled to go into the dressing
pepper to taste
corn starch to thicken it

approx. 4 cups of turkey broth, bring to boil temp
add in about a cup of giblets cut up finely, add cut up semi-finely boiled eggs, add cut up small pieces of chicken and if you have a turkey heart, go ahead and cut that up in there too removing any tissue not edible.   In a small jelly jar, place 2 or 3 heaping tablespoons of cornstarch and fill up your jelly jar with water, put the lid on and shake it to make sure all is mixed no lumps. Now, start adding this to the hot turkey broth mixture and stir while you work, adding more if needed until looks like a gumbo type thickness, add your salt and pepper to taste – put a little in a coffee cup and taste to be sure. You should have 6 to 8 cups of giblet with this recipe. This is all done last minute of preparations for the meal, no need for a recipe when its so simple.  This will give you a start on making your own – size up or down.  There is little to no fat in this and it is just yummy to put over your Thanksgiving meal potatoes and dressing. You won’t have much left!  Your guests will think you are a trophy cook!  Enjoy.

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