All About Wellness

What is a good formula for wellness?  Whole living, environmentally free from chemicals and toxins, eating fresh and pure foods, drinking plenty of pure water,  more veges and fruits than meats or other proteins,  not getting  over exposed to cold  or heat,  keeping your skin moisturized, getting plenty of rest and exercise! (and a partridge in a pear tree!)

Sound like what your mom might have said?  Old-time physicians used to tell you these things.  Now, you can read about living a whole life as if its a new idea when in fact, its the old idea being renewed amongst  a sea of boxed, frozen, freeze dried, boiled, canned, packaged and almost nutritionally vacant foods.   We have gotten used to “conveniences” such as fast food restaurants, frozen dinners, instant meals, look alike foods, all full of chemicals to keep them looking and tasting “fresh” but the real story is they are simply foods that are, to a great extent, denatured with chemicals,  food coloring, commercially processed salt and chemically processed sugar and, added to that,  all kinds of sinister additives, to include, but not limited to, high fructose corn syrup, mono-sodium glutamate, parabans of all sorts.

We eat these products  and then wonder why we feel bad?  Wonder where all the aches and pains are coming from?  Wonder why there are 2 out of 3 people getting cancer?  Besides the obvious environmental factors of cancer such as working in and around harsh chemicals, breathing toxic fumes, eating foods that were raised on chemically fertilized and treated soils, as if that isn’t enough to make anyone sick, we have to examine our diets!  You body needs foods it can use for fuel and growth.

You literally are what you eat.   So you say you aren’t feeling good?  You have aches and pains when you stand up, sit down, walk, your stomach hurts, you feel sad a lot, your’ dizzy in the mornings, you can’t stay awake past 6:00 p.m.   What would your doctor do for you in these cases?  In one word, “prescribe”.

What are you getting in that prescription?  Does it heal? or does it mask the symptoms and the source keeps on trucking until you have other problems, side effects of drugs, you just keep going down – no real relief.  You say “what is the answer?  I am tire of the merry-go-round”.   You may be surprised at what I am going to say, but here it is!  Get back to nature!  Start doing things that are healthy for you.   Prepare you foods fresh and use the simplest of ingredients that have no chemicals.  Use whole grains, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits or frozen fruits, start looking to change your life one meal at a time, one day at a time.

When you are thinking about wellness, think of it as beauty!  What makes someone beautiful is literally what is going on inside.  Not attributing only good character and virtue, but also the beauty shown from a body that is twinkling with good health.  Have you ever said you thought someone “glowed”?  That is what you should see if you are looking at someone in good health.  By the same token, if you look at someone with poor health, perhaps the eyes are dull, skin dry or grayish, hair dull, circles or dark look surrounding the eyes, puffiness on the face.   Other symptoms of ill health like overly tired, unable to focus.  These are reflections of what is going on inside your body.

Its sad but true, when you visit your well educated physician you likely will not get a conversation about where all your aches and pains are coming from, but you will get a prescription for something to mask or stop the symptoms, ignoring the cause altogether.  How many times do we hear things like “well, your forty, that is why you are so tired, swelling, aching”.  Huh?

I am one that was not willing to listen to these comments given me.  It just doesn’t make sense to me that in order to feel better you need to take a chemically compounded drug that likely will give you additional problems and not solve anything.   I want answers!  While I believe medical doctors have a wonderful role in society and truly save lives, there is another part of their practice – all too well known, that keeps everyone (almost) running to the pharmacy.

Have you invested in a PDR lately? (physicians desk reference).    This is a tool to tell you what every drug on the market is for, how much should be taken and for what and what are the side effects.  Very important to know and be informed about your health and what you are doing to it.  There is a political side and monetary side to the world of medicine that it would do you well to investigate.

Help yourself!  Read, read, read and listen.  Weigh the information and do something good for yourself to improve your lot!

So, enough about what the problems are, what can you do about it?

I can tell you what I did and many others I know are doing now.  Educate yourself.  There  are “some” doctors that believe in integrated medicine.   It helps to listen to their thoughts on whole living.   Doctors such as in the Blaylock Report as well as the popular Dr. Oz.   There are several that have very good newsletters you can prescribe to.   That is not to say you should listen to every spam that comes into your mail-box, YOU  find the information.

Start with reading some good beginner books on the natural healing.  A good starter book is “Back to Eden”.  This book takes you back through time and up to date with whole living and natural healing therapies.    Another book that tells a lot about vitamins and herbs is “Little Herb Bible”.    Also, first and foremost are any books by Dr. Bernard Jenson Ph.d.  These books date back to the 1950’s but are invaluable.  You will learn the body systems and what makes them run properly, how to feed the systems for optimal health, how to reverse disease of all kinds through various cleansing, eating more veges and fruits, keeping the colon clean, exercise, lots of pure water, supplementing.

As you start your journey into the world of nature and health, here are some tips for all you that are just beginning.

Study nutrition.

Frequent places that provide organic foods and you’ll find some very interesting books to help you get on your way.

Network with those around you interested also in getting back to basics.

See what is in your refrigerator.   Start making your kitchen pop with natural colors of organic red yellow and orange apples, the smell of sauteed onion and garlic and mushrooms, the taste of your own freshly picked greens, the more you do, the more you’ll want to do until you literally can’t stand to eat anything you don’t prepare yourself.   Try taking any recipe and using whole ingredients, switch to unbleached and whole grain flours, use coconut milk instead of regular milk or almond milk, use raw sugar or other natural sweeteners, decrease the sugar in the recipes to “just enough” sweet.

Steam, bake, saute, don’t fry!  Use good oils:  olive oil, canola oil, safflower oil, etc.  Get your Omega 3’s and 6’s naturally in your Olive Oils and raw nuts.

Your body will thank you!  and it will respond with better health and your tastes will lean towards it.  You will begin to find joy in God’s natural world again

Natures Sunshine Herbs

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