Keeping Up with Latest Diets? What about that Blood Sugar Problem?

Seems like everywhere you look there are folks walking around with more weight than they need, much more.   Have you ever pondered about why it is more now that it used to be?  In a desperate search to find the right method for my body chemistry to shed very stubborn unwanted pounds, I ran across 3 items of interest that I pass along to you today.

My focus has been diet that will help me trick my body into burning fat, even though it does not want to!   Since around age 40 I have been besieged with problems relating to blood sugar.   To name a few, hypoglycemia, yeast or candida, bloating, weight that can actually fluctuate as much as 7 pounds in a day eating the wrong things.  I read and read, watched and watched, asked and asked everywhere I went to find answers for how do you fix a “pre-diabetic” condition?  First of all, why was it all my life I was fine, skinny, could eat anything with no ill effects?  then something changed and I have not yet, until now, been able to undo  it.

This year, I became so disgusted with my weight I began another relentless search to find a way to trick this body into losing weight.  Bear in mind, I am not a big eater.  Small breakfast, small lunch and medium dinner.  Mostly organic, no fried, everything homemade as possible, lots of water, no sugar drinks and very little attention to anything sweet unless it is something I know will not bother my blood sugar and cause a series of problems.

I began searching on the internet.  I found a website called “”  It was interesting and sounded like the focus I needed to have.  It was all about not eating sugar, changing your meal plans to a different taste, exercising and losing methodically.  Has a video instructor and some newsletter reminding e-mails that are really pretty neat.  But, I went “beyond” and found a book called “The Blood Sugar Solution” by Dr. Mark Hyman.   Interestingly, he is Bill Clinton’s doctor and whom Pres. Clinton avows saved his life.   I began to read the summary info about the book and realized I had hit  the target!  I went straight to and ordered this book.

Its a masterpiece on the chemistry of our bodies and why these things are happening to so many people.  It offers precise solutions to the problem, answering questions to assess where you are at in your health picture and then proposing diet plans, recipes and even a supplementary free website to go and get more info.

You will learn that your genes can be redirected by your daily living experiences and eating habits, toxic environment, and stress.   But the good news is, according to this author, who is very specialized in this field of study, you can reverse it!  You can change this “diabesity” directive to your genes.  First is to identify what are all the things causing the problems with your weight and health.  Then he offers his solutions.

Here are some excerpts from Dr. Hyman’s book:  “. . .from 1983 to 2008 the number of people in the world with diabetes increased 7 fold, from 35 million to 240 million (and I believe this is actually a serious underestimate).  Change of this magnitude could not happen with a purely genetic or inherited disorder in such a short time.  The genetic code of the human population changes only 0.2 percent every 20,000 years.  It is not altered from generation to generation.  What many people don’t realize is that our genes are affected by our environment.  Our genetic code itself may not change, bu the way those genes are expressed is highly influenced by the world around us.  And our environment has changed more in the last 100 years than in all of previous human history.”  The Blood Sugar Solution, Chapter 3, Mark Hyman, M.D.

Since I have been putting into practice the advise of this book, I immediately began to get results and they have continued until now as I write this post -just about 6 weeks.   No cravings, food is satisfying, weight is gradually coming down about 1 to 2 pounds per week.   Energy level is very good.

But, that wasn’t enough.  Someone approached me with exciting news she had lost 16 pounds!  It was only about 5 weeks for her at that time and she had a stunning appearance, youthful, vibrant and felt so much better than before.  She took her dieting to an extreme when she read “Eating for Energy” by Yuri Elkaim, BPHI, CK, RHN.    This is basically a raw food diet.   So, I started incorporating some of what is in that book with my Blood Sugar Solutions book.  They were consistent books.  “Eating for Energy” has intense research that you can really appreciate.

I am still in the process of completing the reading of these books, but have taken off on the dieting never to look back.  I am doing great.

I encourage anyone who has had difficulty with these type issues to read Dr. Hyman’s book and also the Eating for Energy book because they are complimentary.

I have found more information watching Dr. Oz television program from time to time and adding a few supplements that assist with fat burning, especially the mid-section.  Apparently, blood sugar problems (I call them) which are called diabetes by Dr. Hyman target adding fat to the mid-section or belly through insulin resistance.  There are foods that cause insulin resistance.  Chemicals that cause it and tremendous stress can cause it as well.  Number one on the list, however, is consumption of sugar (probably over time, regularly, not just now and then).  But, with all of the causes of the “diabesity”, you are likely to hit one of them in one degree or another.  Dr. Hyman says that about 50% of all diabetes are never diagnosed or are mis-diagnosed.  He says there is no such thing as “pre-diabetes” when you have the symptoms that doctors call “pre-diabetes” you have diabetes.

Dr. Hyman exposes commercial food industry practices that make  you addicted to their packaged, or fast foods.

He states emphatically, if it has more than a few ingredients, don’t touch it.  Eat as fresh, organic and mostly veges and fruits as possible.   Eat certain types of fruit so as not to cause a spike in your blood sugar, hence, thwart the efforts to re-dial your chemistry.

I now  eliminating any milk products, sugar and  wheat products.  I am learning to eat and bake with alternative grains, which are really not so alternative, some of the grains were used widely prior to wheat.  Lots of raw veges and fruits.  Lots of pure water.  Some fish, some chicken and eggs.

One added benefit I have noticed right away – no more sinus problems!  I had constant coughing, clearing my throat, especially at night as soon as I lay down.   Allergy season made this worse.  Well, its allergy season now.  No more coughing!

I have read for many years that wheat, milk and sugar are 3 items that cause all sorts of allergies.  Of course, never occurred to me that those might me my problems in part!  If I were to guess, I would say its the milk products that are the most cause worthy when it comes to my coughing.  Milk does cause mucous to form (cow’s milk).  Its hard to digest because its truly meant for a large animal (calf) that has 2 stomachs to digest it!!  So there, I said it.  Cow’s milk is not what we think it is.  Mommas don’t let your babies grow up drinking cow’s milk!  There is plenty of protein and calcium in other milks available that are simple to digest, such as goat’s milk, but the best would be mother’s milk.  That is how we were made to function.   Can we really out do the Master Creator and come up with nourishment better than was designed for our babies?  That is another subject altogether.

For now, let it be noticed that there are things we can do to help ourselves.    Let your eyes do the reading, ears do the listening, and heart hear the wisdom.   Live life to the fullest with a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Here is to your health and well being!

7 responses to “Keeping Up with Latest Diets? What about that Blood Sugar Problem?

  1. Reblogged this on InspiredWeightloss!.

    • Hi Sweetopiagirl! by the way, sweet potatoes are on the diet! yes ma’m!! The best ones to go for are the garnet sweet potatoes, taste buttery with nothing on them. I will be blogging a following up now with suggestions for the foods and my routine. Thanks for re-blogging my post!

      • sweetopiagirl

        Hello Suzanneseely, thanks for sharing your information. And you said the best sweet potatoes to get are the garnet sweet portatoes? Well, I am going to the fruit stand tomorrow and I am going to be in search for those particular potatoes, the way you described them buttery without anything on them, I have to try them. Thanks, 🙂

      • Hi Sweetopiagirl! wanted to follow up and let you know I found out that my Garnet Sweet Potatoes are indeed an orange color! What happened is, they have been mixed with what is called “Japanese” Sweet Potato. I saw them a few days ago at Whole Foods, cut open, and bought some of them. Those are the ones that are buttery tasting. FYI

  2. I have another tip, waterless cookware. I found a set online (Amazon) for $217.00 including shipping, full set, 9 ply surgical stainless steel with valves for cooking this special way on top of the lids. If you haven’t seen these before, look at the home shows – go for about 1500 to 3000. Amazing. Anyway, I love my pots! keeps all the nutrition in the food. You add just a miniscule amount of water, like a few tablespoons for the potatoes to cook. Its like baking them on your stove-top at very low temps for about 45 minutes. Keeps almost all nutrition in there. But, if you don’t have that, bake them like you normally would. If you “must” have an oil, use the Extra Virgin Coconut oil (raw). Delicous and doesn’t count as a fat. Thanks for your comments. I know you are going to love the Garnet sweet potatoes. Its hard to tell the difference between them on the outside. If the market separates them properly, they will look kind of red on the outside versus orange looking for regular sweet.

  3. Hello! This is kind of off topic but I need
    some advice from an established blog. Is it very difficult to set up your own blog?

    I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking about making my
    own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Thank you

    • Hi Marsha! thanks for writing. No, wasn’t difficult. Especially with WordPress. Its free. First pick your general theme of subject matter. Then come up with a name for your blog. Next pick out one of the free templates for your style. Then you can upload a photo for your own individual header. Start writing! Come up with an idea you’d like to talk about and go for it! I happen to love to talk about health and natural healing. Its a great part of my life. It takes a little time to study all the areas to use on here, but its worth it!

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