CoCoNut Oil and Milk, Great Diet Fixtures!

During my quest to learn about ways to implement the Blood Sugar Solution diet plan and Eat for Energy plan, I ran across a lot of information on Coconut oil.  Did you know that if you use Coconut oil (extra virgin, not heated or processed, raw) on your toast, on in your hot cereal, on your sweet potatoes, to saute your veges, to cook your eggs, you are adding to your diet one of the best oils possible and it doesn’t count as a fat!!! yes, you will be positively giddy about using this oil.  It tastes good.  Good thing is, it’s so good for you, you digest it and you do not store it as fat!

I saw a video recently about how it affects the brain of folks with alzheimers.   Click this link to view “Coconut Oil Video’.    It was a story about a female doctor whose husband came down with the disease and he was pretty young.  She did extensive research and came up with coconut oil as something that would improve this condition, may even reverse it.  She started putting it in his food every day for a few weeks and saw dramatic improvement.  I have also started incorporating this into my family’s diets and my mother, who is elderly and suffering with memory problems, doesn’t have alzheimers but she has improved vastly in her physical endurance and some on the congnative skils.  She can now walk past 13 houses when she was only walking past 5.  No complaints, very cheery.

So, I see more than just the weight-loss benefits to this wonderful oil.   I find it the least expensive at Whole Foods if you are purchasing it in 32 ounce size it’s about $20.00.   Cost less to order online through

This is a staple of any good diet.  If you are using the principles found in the Blood Sugar Solution, it’s absolutely complimentary to it all.  I urge you to purchase this wonderful oil and enjoy!

As for coconut milks, there are differences.   Of course, the very best is to just buy a young coconut and drink the milk.   They are not readily available in our neighborhood.   I am not interested in drinking the canned coconut drinks.  I find them sugary and I had a bad reaction to one of them.  I do however, drink unsweetened coconut milk that is in a green and white 1/2 gallon milk carton sold at HEB, Whole Foods and Central Market.  It is very good and that is what I use for my smoothies every day.  I cook with it when milk is needed.  It has a creamy consistency – low-calorie, great.

Here’s to your health!  Enjoy your life and don’t you dare get hungry!  These meals will be very satisfying.    Stop the sugar and you will not regret it.

NaturesSunshine Herbs


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