General Meal Plan Structure for Low Carb No Wheat, No Sugar, No Milk Diets

I tend to keep things very simple.   With a busy lifestyle, you need to organize well and keep your meals as simple as possible until you have plenty of time to cook your masterpieces!

For simplicity’s sake, before I have even finished reading these books on special diets,(Blood Sugar Solution and Eat for Energy)  here is what I gleaned from them to get started right away without much ado.

1.  Go to your favorite grocery or market and pick up as much organic veges and fruits as you like.

2.  Keep a variety of bright colored veges and fruits washed, dried and packaged in your frig to make your raw food meals interesting and full of flavor.

3.  Salads:  I like to keep a large salad made up in the refrigerator in a large salad bowel just bursting with color!  Sample of “my” salad might be:  1.  romaine lettuce cut up into about 3 to 4 inch pieces  2.  purple cabbage sliced and thrown around on top and tossed throughout  3.  all colors of peppers (get a variety pak)   4.  silver dollar mushrooms (the typical small white mushroom)  5.  small pieces of broccoli   6.  some cut up celery   7.   Kale, separately marinated in olive oil and lemon  and then toss into your own plate   8.  Don’t forget the wonderful avocado!  slice some of these onto your salad or, better, make you a vegan sandwich using this: walnuts, tomatoes, lettuce and a few peppers and avocado.

Keep your wet additions in a separate container (sliced tomatoes).    Fix yourself a nice heavy salad for lunch and throw in a hand full of walnuts and put your favorite  home-made non-milk product, homemade dressing on there.  It is suggested to use walnut oil or olive oil and your favorite way to season it (add apple cider vinegar or balsamic, salt, garlic, etc.)

4.  Hummus – just discovered this tasty staple!  you would think this item would be full of starch right?  wrong.  It’s very high in protein.  6 grams for just 1/4 cup of commercially made.  So creamy and smooth, you can almost eat it as a dessert.  Though it is not sweet.  I buy a large tub of this from Central Market by Cedar’s.  There are some different flavors.  You can also make this at home relatively easy if you have time.  Buy some canned (ooops! here I am saying canned!)  organic chic peas or garbonzo beans or, soak some dried ones and steam them.     I do not know how to make Tahini, but Tahini is sesame seed paste.   If  you can figure that one out,  you add the paste to the chic peas and blend with fresh garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, salt to taste.  Its just sooo good!   Keep this item in the refrigerator at all times!  There is a recipe for homemade blender hummus in the book “Blood Sugar Solutions”.

5.  You are going to laugh at this one, Brown Rice Sea Weed Cakes!  Yes.  It does sound kind of going over-board, but don’t knock it until you try it.  It has a crunchy salty taste.  Full of nutrition.  Great for a snack once in a while.

6.   Sweet Potatoes – any sweet potato is good, but aim for a garnet sweet potato – the flesh would be whitish yellow, not orange inside.  Grocers are in the habit of mixing these up with the orange ones – ask them to show you the garnet ones and if they are smart, they will have each section with a cut open piece so you can see you are buying the garnet because of the “whitish yellow” inside.

7.   Other Grains – focus on Spelt Bread – Buy super good tasting Spelt bread, fresh-baked at Central Market or HEB.   You can take a stab at baking it, just remember to add some thickener to the batter, not gluten.  You can add guar gum, tapioca, there are others.  That helps to maintain the consistency and stability and help it to rise.   There are lots of wheat free recipes out there you can try.  Easiest is to just buy the fresh loaves.    I have not found an acceptable “other grain” loaf in any bakery of any kind other than Spelt.  If you buy Rye it has wheat in it, and so on.

I am experimenting on these, but I have one to report that is a sweetie.  I took an old old quick cobbler recipe and made it non-wheat variety and low glycemic.  It called for 1 cup of regular flour, 1 cup of sugar, 1 Tbls of Baking Powder, 1/4 tsp salt and 2/3 cup of milk;  then there is the filling.  The batter is substituted with:  about 2/3 cup of white spelt flour, 1/6 quinoa flour, 1/6 garbonzo bean flour and a couple of tablespoons of xylitol, 2/3 cup of creamy “SO” brand coconut milk.  Stir vigorously, taste the batter and add more xylitol if needed.  Filling:  2 cups of fresh blackberries, washed and drained, cook on low on the stove until tender, not cooked to pieces – about 10-12 minutes simmering in very little water (1/8 cup).  Meantime, fix up a thickener  – I used tapioca flour about 2 tbls with about 4 ounces of water, shake in a jar, and when the fruit is hot and bubbly, add and stir in (keep stirring) until you see it thicken well, add a little squeeze of fresh lemon juice for tartness.  Set the fruit mixture aside.  Get out your casserole (about 4″ deep) dish and put a stick of butter in the bottom and pop in the oven to melt (350).  When that is melted, take it out, pour the batter over the butter, then pour the fruit mix in the middle of the batter.  Pop this in the oven and set for 45 minutes at 350.  It will be done when the crust rises up over the fruit and is slightly golden.  Ummm Ummm Good!  this is NOT on the low carb diet, but is a healthy better choice than getting ice-cream or some other full sugared dessert.  Keep this on the back burner for special occasions. You can also just use a can of pie filling, but it has such nasty sugar in it, I would not use it unless you can find organic sugar and fruit as the ingredients.  Still, it will be much sweeter than this little gem.  You have cut the carbs on this by about 90%!

8.  No Milk, Milk.  There are some great milk substitutes out there now.  We are so fortunate there are natural food industry folks willing to go out on a limb to bring us the best!    Sold in half gallon cartons in the cold storage next to cow’s milk are Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk.   “So” Coconut Milk unsweetened and there are some others like Hemp milk.     I make smoothies every day from frozen fruit, whey powder (unsweetened), coconut milk, grapefruit, and lemons (no sugar at all) and its absolutely delicious!  Tastes like nothing you have every purchased!  Its truly great!  Here is that recipe and you can mix this up any way you like with different fruits, this is just my favorite for fat burning, vitamin c and overall great taste:

for 3 people:

3 scoops of vanilla flavored unsweetened whey protein powder (has stevia)

2 cups of strawberries (frozen)

1 cup of mango (frozen)

1 grapefruit juiced

2 lemons juiced

fill rest of way up to just below top of the fruit with coconut milk and blend.  Its not easy to blend, have to start and stop a lot and dig down and stir to get the liquid in there moving the fruit, but it comes out like ice-cream!

THS IS YOUR TREAT!!!!  Have this in the morning with a couple of eggs,  or handful of nuts and you are out the door!

Oil:  Use Coconut Oil (expeller pressed, unrefined, extra virgin)  instead of butter on toast, making eggs, with your potatoes

Fresh Fish – this is so easy, you will love it.   If you have never had Salmon, you must try it.  Go to the best fresh fish counter you can find and purchase about 1 pound of fileted wild caught salmon for 4 servings.    Rinse, place in greased or sprayed pyrex dish and lay your fish skin down and use lemon-pepper generously on the top side of the fish.  Broil about 20 minutes for a medium thick piece – 25 for heavier.  When the meat flakes easy with fork – its ready and will melt in your mouth!  Its even good cold!  Enjoy this – and realize there is word out there it enhances fat burning!  (not to mention all the omega 3 oils in there and protein)  Don’t be afraid when you see a deep red color at bottom of the inside of the fish, its not raw – its “just” cooked and makes it tender and juicy.  If you cook this too much, you’ll be sorry- very dry.

Of course, on one of these diets, animal foods are permissable (Blood Sugar Solution) and other other one (Eat for Energy) they are not.  If you are a person who really can’t go without your meats, these are suggestions for you:  Fish, Grilled chicken, eggs any way you like them, boiled chicken, chicken soup, shrimp, all natural turkey bacon (Wilshire).  Tip:  when buying salmon, keep in mind that if it is farm raised salmon, they fed the salmon pellets with food coloring in them or, if no food coloring, this little fish would not be the bright red color of its “FREE AND EASY WILD CAUGHT SISTER OR BROTHER”.

Well, there are lots of things to talk about with these two diet plans, but I will end it with a glass of almond milk and 3 tablespoons of ground flaxeed.  Tasty, filling, satisfying and the lignans help you turn the sweet tooth around to non-sweet tooth!

Have a great healthy day!  Blessings from above to all my readers!  May some of the things in this post be a help to you and yours.

Natures Sunshine Herbs

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