Mary Mary Quite Contrary How does Your Garden Grow? All in a Row!

If you are a new gardener, such as I, you never cease to be amazed at all the various conditions that go into a good garden.  Last summer it was hot and dry for the long run through the fall and my summer veges loved it!  Just had hands full of cucumbers and okra every day!  but my tomatoes didn’t make it.   I learned that in order for tomatoes to flower, the soil needs to have calcium.  You can easily add it by saving your egg shells, rinse out the egg, put them in a container and let them soak in water until you have a full container (bucket) of egg shells.  Last year I made the mistake of leaving my bucket outside and the frog laid eggs in my egg shells and before you know it there were tad poles!  Not this year.  I started putting out the egg shells last fall.  Now my garden is well nourished!

So, I decided to buy a very healthy looking tomato plant with about 6 growing tomatoes on it already.  Brought it home, and the next day or so became planting day April 24, 2012.  I first cleaned out weeds.  Then fertilized up and down and raked and dug and spread and worked the soil, made my rows.  Then I dug about a 10″ deep by 8″ wide hole, got rid of the chinch worms in there and poured my insecticidal soap in the hole to take care of any others still there, sprinkled some fertilizer in the hole, placed the plant in the hole and packed the dirt around the bottom cover roots well.   I made a kind of trench around it to pool the water to the roots and watered lightly but saturated.

Next, planted my seeds in rows, first a few more tomato plants, then okra, then cucumbers.  All of these are companion plants along with the residing carrots.

To my amazement, 5 days later, there were spouts out of every planted area but one, Fantastic!  The weather was perfect, temperature just right 85-90, sunny, warm, and windy!  On top of that, that tomato plant that was planted with 6 babies on it, now had 18!  Wow!

I watered lightly  not to disturb the seeds placement every day just enough to keep them wet, not floating in water.

I filled up my watering can (about 2 gallons) with 1 ounce of Natures Guard Insecticidal Soap (for de-bugging general purposes especially the tomatoes) and poured that over all (sprinkling) up and down even on top of the soil where the newbies were planted.  Did that preventative care about every 3 days.

Lastly, working to keep out rabbits.  They are visiting daily and my  last barrier was laughable to them.  They love not only carrots, but tomatoes! (but only ripe ones).

Next, I will tell the Tale of the Momma Rabbit.  Stay tuned.

Have a blessed week!

Natures Sunshine Herbs

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