Success! All Growing in Melody! and Summertime Help with Pests

Since my last post, I have learned many more things about gardening once again!  My planted from seed plants have come up well and healthy!  The one tomato plant that I purchased seemed to get off to a good start and then looked like it was just standing still.  I could not figure out why there were over 20 tomatoes on it, green, but growing large and were not turning red!   Then, I saw one day some critters walking around in there that looked like moths!  Ah Ha!  so that is what is nibbling at these leaves!   I then treated with a liquid all natural bug killer formula I had just picked up that is designed to get rid of the bad worms that are developed from butterfly larvae.  On the front of the bottle, there it was a picture of this moth I saw walking through the garden near my tomato plant!  So, I readily mixed this up along with the insecticidal soap I use and began pouring!

I treated the area all over the garden including where it was just dirt.  I particularly soaked the area of the tomato plant that was so loaded with green tomatoes.

Low and behold in the next day or two, the tomatoes started ripening!  The plant seem to come back to life and I saw new plant growth.  So, I began picking off the sick looking leaves and pulling up the weeds and overgrowth of peppermint.  Now, we are cooking!

So, it has now been about 6 weeks since planting from seed the rest of the garden and the plants are all growing very well, especially the cucumbers.  They are extending out in vines and winding and flowering.  The tomato plants from seed are now about 2 feet tall and looking very healthy.  The Okra plants are a might slower than the rest, but still looking good and will drastically shoot up when the heat increases.  Okra loves heat.

Roses Have Bugs Will Travel

I have learned to fight off black spot on the roses in the back yard this year.  First of all, this is a bad season for bugs of all kinds.  You will find yourself discovering new little creatures attacking your plants.  My overall tonic for gardening is the Nature Guard Insecticidal Soap.  I use that over the entire vege garden (with a watering can) and then what is left gets to go all over the roses.    Then I apply compost tea in spray form to the roses for good measure.  They will thrive.  But, don’t be fooled!  Those little spiders will return.  Keep it up every 3 to 5 days for a while.  You may need to do more serious insecticidal work around the yard, particularly around fence areas where spiders seem to love to hang around.    One rather easy thing to use that is super good for all crawling bugs is diatemacious earth (ground up oyster shells).  It is sharp and cuts the little bodies of all crawling creatures (very small) .  Looks like white flour that is sprinkled wherever you are needing to kill off the pests.  Leave it there several days that are dry to get best effect.    This helps your pets as well.  Gets rid of fleas, etc.

Other Backyard Pests

You can also throw out onto your lawn and around the fence areas sulfur granules which are repellant to most all bugs and even snakes.  Snakes will not cross over it.  So, be sure  you put it thoroughly across the lawn all the way to the edge so that they do not creep inside  your yard.  Make sure you don’t already have them inside or you will hem them in!

Weed them Out!

If you have problems with those nagging weeds that grow in a circle and are so hard to get rid of and mow over, I have a great natural weed killing formula.  You purchase 10% vinegar solution (only at feed store, don’t try to make it) and purchase orange oil.   In your watering can (largest one) use about 2-3 cups of the vinegar and 1 ounce or so of the orange oil, DO NOT ADD WATER.  Mix it up a little and then pour directly over each weed you want to kill making sure you get the entire circle of the weed.    Come back about 4 hours later and you’ll see they look like they have been burned!

Armies of Ants can be Dealt with in One Fell Swoop!

Here is one last organic pest tip.   We ran across a bad problem with ants living in our boat this year.  Could not figure out why they were interested in the boat, particularly around the engine, but they bite and make  your life miserable.  I went to my local organic based feed store and asked what they had natural to get rid of these.    We had been using orange oil and water mix to kill them when we saw them, but could not get to their origin.  That same orange oil that I mentioned above for weed killing is something you just ought to keep around during bug season.  It smells great and won’t hurt any person or animal, but will kill on contact any bug, even a flying wasp!  I have used it for years.  You can also drench an ant bed and kill instantly every single one of them.  Back to the trip to the feed store inquiring about the ant-killing remedies.  They had an all natural non-toxic ant bait.  Super convenient.   You just leave these little silver dollar sized baits around where you have been seeing them.  The ants go into the house and pick up the grains and take to their queen.  She dies eating it and the rest of the colony cannot live without her.  Just a little ant trivia.

Orange Oil, Nature’s Contribution to Bug Control

For general purposes, keep yourself a large spray bottle of orange oil in your kitchen or back yard area for your instant use.  You mix about 1 ounce or less to about a quart or more of water.   It will look milky.  This stuff is magic! and leaves the area smelling great.

Its good to find yourself a good feed store that offers a variety of organic mulch, fertilizer, pesticides.  You can find something for any kind of bug problem you have and any kind of sick plant or tree problem you have.   Just look for that feed store that is focused on organics.  The one that I use also has conventional type of feeds and other items, but a substantial amount of organics.

Hope this little bit of information helps you get through your summer in good health! and makes your gardening that much more fun!

Here’s to your health and well being.  Blessings to all my readers.

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