Grandma and Her Blood Pressure

As we get older, so do our parents.  We never dream that some day we will be telling our parents what they need to do and then doing it for them.  We never dream that some day our parents will need us more than they ever needed anyone and we must be there.

I have learned over the years watching my mother getting older that there are certain things that just are not  the same about your parents as they age.  Barring any real physical illness, just the aging process will bring on a slightly different personality than you remember as you were growing up (and I say that with tongue in cheek, its really quite different).  Now, they may be more centered on what happens every day, like whether its about to rain or whether they ought to be inside when its getting dark.    Trips to the grocery store can be ominous thing for a grandmother just inching along in her steps looking at what appears to be a football field sized store.  Noting that she parked in Row 7 about 5 cars down so she does not get lost coming out.   Taking time to count money given to a store clerk and not really knowing what you get back, if its right or not.

Then there are those surprising events like  like a phone call from an Emergency Paramedic at the  parking lot at Walmart telling you your mother has just fallen and dislocated her shoulder after she had been running in the rain at 83 years of age.  What about the time by happenstance  seeing a melted garage door opener in the front seat of her car stuck to a dish towel  with both front seat doors wide open and when asked, the explanation was she was drying it in the oven after dropping it in water.  Made perfect sense to her!  That was when I realized her judgment “ain’t what it used to be” at 83.

I noticed that my mother was getting forgetful about eating, and eating things that were not good for her.  Her refrigerator would have lots of partially eaten foods and lots of old things.  Its  no wonder she began getting sick often from eating these old foods.    She began to have issues with her bladder, bowel disorders .  All about the same time as these things were appearing,  I found out that she had been overdrafting her bank account.  My brother, unknowingly was sending her money to cover and didn’t tell me.  So, when I found this out, I took account of the bank records, checkbook and found she no longer could handle money.     Her math was all wrong  and you could not make her understand.   I just had to take over all preparation of food, the car, her medical care, the house.

All of these happenings brought about a lot of change.  Change in the way she was doing things and overwhelming change in my life taking over.    I became her manager for every little thing in her life, even how much water she would drink.

So, in addition to all the daily things that happen, when physical problems like elevated blood pressure occur it sets you in whole “nother” direction if  you are like me and my mom, just about totally naturepathic.  So I set out in search of the right remedy and in finding what is the cause.  Indeed I went in search of a natural remedy versus the typical medical remedy that has known side effects of weakening the heart and damaging the kidneys.   Well, knowing that its possible to handle blood pressure without the use of drugs by some lifestyle changes, some herbs and vitamins, exercise, and as I would learn later, chiropractic care.   The first course we took was getting the salt in-take down.  No more packaged freezer meals like Chicken Pot Pie (God love them).   Yes, more work for me, but less in the long run, from now on she gets all home-made meals unless there is just no time for a home-made meal.   That means every couple of weeks cooking large quantity of home-made chicken pot pie using just the right amount of everything, all organic and umm ummm good!  Also means making home-made turkey meat loaf, and lots of salads and fruits.

The Chinese acupuncture worked pretty well along with the Chinese herbs for blood pressure, but unfortunately, the effect was not long lasting, only for a week at a time, meaning weekly trips to the doctor for acupuncture.  After  a year of going once per week to the Chinese doctor for Blood Pressure treatments of between 30 minutes to an hour laying there with needles sticking in your arms, hands, legs, hands, feet and even your head! and driving 45 minutes each way to the appointments – it occurred to me that the chiropractic office I passed that had a sign “acupuncture” might be a good alternative and so I stopped one time and asked.  Turns out, your spine has everything to do with your blood pressure.  If it is out of whack, so is your blood pressure many times.   So, I took the courageous move to make an appointment for my mother that would ultimately change the course of her health care for her and lesson a lot of stress on the both of us as we trek through this time of her life together.

After the first chiropractic treatment  for her spine along with the acupuncture tool he administered, her blood pressure dropped by 20 points!  Good news.  No pills, just chiropractic treatment.   Her blood pressure was excellent no matter what time of day I took the reading.   Before, evenings were always much higher than mornings.  As time has gone by, it appears that the chiropractic treatment is more important to her keeping good blood pressure more than anything!  Now we are looking at consistently 130/70’s and 140/70’s.

She now shows much improvement in her standing, walking and endurance. While I was taking her to get the Chinese acupuncture treatments her blood pressure was not nearly so good, it was only passable and unpredictable.  Sometimes it would be in 120’s, other times 150’s and even higher in the evening.

Passing this along to my readers in case this might help in the care of your special family members who may suffer from some of the same problems.

I am glad to report, my mother does not have an ache or pain, no complaints, is walking great and enjoying her golden years at 85.

God Bless all of my readers and wishing you healthy, happy and complete life!

Natures Sunshine Herbs

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