Summertime, Summertime, Sum Sum Summertime! We had a great one!

Just had to write about this summer here in Texas!  It has been so enjoyable with the cooler temperatures and blissful rain!  Our month of August has been so great! It rivals summers I remember long ago in the 80’s and 90’s.   Seems like Texas and other parts of the country suffered with drought and high heat for last few years.  Now, all of the sudden we have had a beautiful requite and retro renaissance of summers!

June had a few triple digits, then settled down to 90’s.  July had just  a few triple digits and settled down to 80’s and 90’s with rain, rain o’ blessed rain!  Then here we are in what is supposed to be the hottest of the year and its barely breaking mid-80’s!  and more blessed rain, rain, rain!  The lake has almost refilled back to a normal level.   The fish are frolicking and jumping out of the water.  That beautiful mirrored look on the solumn peaceful lake with  the look of a historic painting framed in summer afternnoon’s low lights and stratus clouds passing by slowly and in the background the locusts singing their summer symphony .  Fishermen quietly studying the water and contemplating, building bonds with their fishermen friends and with nature.

Then, the city, and the suburbs, having all been lovely green.  Gardens have been plentiful, and people spend time talking and smiling with their neighbors.  Things not so urgent, things not so larger than life, because life is the largest in God’s beautiful world.

I say these things at the end of the summer, and now as I write it is beginning of fall.  Still more lovely than ever, cool evenings with the frogs sitting out under the moon looking up.


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