Bunny and Garden Part Ways for Now

It was Spring in Texas again.  I know I said I would have her back in my garden again this summer, but I had second thoughts.  I remembered  she had taken advantage of my young tender leaves as they were spouting up and some of my garden never got a chance.   I missed the okra from the year before.   I also missed the great carrot crop I had the year before.   The odd thing is that the bunny does not dig up the carrots!  She merely eats the carrot tops—young ones are mostly desired.

Where I have loved seeing Mrs. Bunny all the time in the yard, nesting, resting and enjoying the peace and solitude with no predators after her.  Amazed that she stayed out there through the harsh winter we had.  Occasionally saw her mate, Mr. Bunny who was quite large.  About 3 times her size.  This year I was determined to let my carrot tops grow and not have to put everything on hold while the baby rabbits grew to a certain age and hopped out.  Last year really the only food that stayed good and kept giving were my cucumbers.  She was not interested in them.  So, this year started early getting it weeded, fertilized and ready for planting.  Next I employed my husband with his gracious heart to help me seal off the back yard.  Looks like bunnies can get in small places easily and will dig and hunt for a way if they want in.

So, we decided to  put chicken wire all around the bottom of one side where it was open too much at the bottom.  Then we decided that a composite fiberglass edging was great to hammer in all the way around the yard to prevent them  trying to dig under and prevent the view of the yard.

It worked.  The garden has now been growing nicely.  Mrs. Bunny took up residence in my front yard and happily eats the organically grown grass.  She hops over the neighbor’s lawn also and enjoys a meal there on occasion.  One day she found another way to get in the back yard but could not remember how she got in and ran all the way around the yard looking for her hole.  I felt kind of sorry for her.  I opened up the gate and there she went.

Then it rained.  The ground was soft and she actually dug out an area under the chicken wire and came in.  Just sat there like “hey, this is my yard” when I found her.  She did not make a move.  Layed on the grass and looked at me.  Finally I got close and asked her to show me where she got in.  She must have known what I meant, she went right to it.  Then I just placed a few sticks in the ground there and she has not been able to get back in again.

I loved getting to know her, sharing the yard and making great bunny memories, but its time for a real garden this year.  I”ll bring her some of the carrots like I did last year.  She only has to eat them in the front yard this time.  She has her own covered porch and secret home under the bushes.  I’d say she’ll do fine.   All is well in bunny land.

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