Grandma and Amazing Grace

When you think you know what God has in store for you, think again.  Last August 23, 2017 to be exact, my mother at 90 was hospitalized with the worst possible bacteria that can kill young people.  It was described to me as “swamp bacteria”.  It literally is formed from standing water.  As I said before (October of 2017) it was a horrible ordeal and once again I thought she would not make it.  Well, not only has she made it, she has improved to the point that she is now in weekly therapy to gain her ability to stand and maybe walk again!  She is smiling daily.  She has a great appetite.  Still working on getting fluids down her, but if you offer her Vitamin Water or a Green drink, she’s in!  Working with dementia and alzheimers patients is constant learning experience.  You see change of habits, change of eating choices and drinking choices.  Change of likes and dislikes.  It is a continuum.

One blessing that came from that August of 2017 hospital visit, is she no more has bladder infections! Amazing.  No matter whether she is drinking a little or a lot, no infection.  It is now closing in on 8 months since that ordeal with the major bacteria.  From what I can put together with conversations and examples and what I have read, these bladder infections must have come from a bacteria colony living in her that was coming up all the time because it could never be quite killed off!  The drugs and length of time she was taking them to kill off the major bacteria of 2017 must have swept her bladder and urinary tract clean and now she is running smoothly! But don’t underestimate a person’s stamina and constitution.  She is strong.

So, one less thing to worry about.  Now it is a daily task to  make sure drinking enough fluids.  She does not like water any longer, but sometimes will drink it.

Counting my blessings!  Still have my mom!  The  kids still have their grandmother and she is happy as she can be!  She is more talkative than before.  Seems to follow better.  Has her favorite shows she watches each day.

I am passing this along as a health topic because it is a major health topic.  We are all getting older and will all face similar things in our old age.  Maybe not dementia, maybe not alzheimers, but the physical ailments will certainly arrive.  To her credit, my mother has never been on any form of drug as a daily regimen.  She did not hardly go to the doctor in all of her life.  Taking anti-biotics was a ‘have to’ thing, temporarily.  She has tackled everything, even blood pressure, with a naturepathic eye.  The nursing home she is in right now has been tolerant of her taking her herbs and vitamins.  She gets home-made food most every day from me.  I am always packing! (homemade food that is) in my bag for her! Stay tuned! 91st birthday coming up in 2 1/2 months!

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