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Low Carb Low Calorie and Delicious Chicken Enchiladas!

I was watching a couple of cooking shows while in the dentist’s office.  I have been looking for something new to offer my family for meals.   Then I saw something I don’t recall ever seeing cooked on television, enchiladas!  In this case they were beef to be sure, but the point I was looking for I did get.  The rest I could make up myself the way I want.  So, I already had some cilantro washed and chilled in the refrigerator.  I already had boiled chicken legs, skinned and de-boned and were in the refrigerator.  I already had some sour cream, some grated cheese and, last but not least, I already had some spelt flour tortillas!  So, I looked in the cupboard and found the diced tomatoes, a can of tomato paste, set out my “Mexican spices”, my 9 x 13 glass casserole dish, cooking spray and away we go.  So, thought I would share this amazing dish.  You will love eating something you enjoy knowing it is healthy and low calorie and will not make you feel bloated or bad in any way.  Cost: about 50 cents per serving.  Calories:  if no cheese, just sour cream added, perhaps 225 calories and almost no fat!

Your family will think you went to enormous trouble, but you didn’t!  You can cook this in a very short time, about 30 minutes total if you have already prepared the cooked chicken legs and de-boned and chilled with broth the evening before.

So, here we go.  I proudly provide you with my masterpiece!  Bon Apetit!


1.  skinned, boiled large package of chicken legs – deboned.  I like to start out on high, just to get it to boiling, then turn down and simmer about 4 for 30 minutes or until looks like the chicken is well cooked and tender.  There are about 12 pieces of legs in large package.  I use Tyson Chicken if I am buying from grocery store.  It is known for not raising the chickens using chemicals, hormones to make them grow fast.  When this has cooled, debone, keeping all the good chicken pieces (no cartiledge or stringy looking veins) and pour the broth over the chicken in a large mixing bowel, cover with saran wrap and let chill overnight in refrigerator.

2.  Set out:  1 package of at least 6 spelt flour tortillas (Central Market and maybe HEB)

3.  set out 1  13 x 9 glass casserole “Pyrex” dish or similar

4.  Set out 1 large can, opened, of diced tomatoes

5.  Set out 1 small can tomato paste

6.  Sea Salt

7.  Cayenne Pepper

8.  Granulated Garlic

9.  Cumin

10.  2-3 large Poblano Peppers, washed well

11.  Your cold bowl of pieced up dark meat chicken

12.  1 large onion

13.  1 large sweet red pepper

14.  1 large “soft” tomatoe

Keep your cold sides of:  1.  organic sour cream  2.  fresh washed and chilled cilantro, 1 plate full 3.  shredded cheddar in the refrigerator until ready to serve the meal.

You are gonna love this!

Directions:  In your black iron skillet (if not use your favorite heavy metal skillet) with grape seed oil (super duper fat burning oil)  Just about 2 – 3 tablespoons of oil, heat skillet on medium, meantime cut up your onion in small pieces, slice up your red pepper lengthwise for pretty pieces and throw into the warmed pan, sautee and stir for a few minutes.   If you have a tomato that is a little soft, not good for salad, but very good for this, cut up into medium pieces and add to the mix.  Add about 1/2 tablespoon (sprinkle over) of granulated garlic, about 1 tsp of salt, about 1 Tbls  of cumin, about 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper (or less, you decide).  Stir together with the veges as they are cooking.  After they look kind of softly cooked, about 5 minutes, scoop out the chicken in cupfuls together with the broth.  (you have already skimmed off the chicken fat off the top of the bowl of congealed broth/chicken).  Add to the skilit, mix with more chicken to make the skillet look full with all of the mixture about 2 inches of food in the pan.  Stir and simmer frequently for about another 10 minutes and there should be a good amount of natural juices in there full of flavor.  Next, while this is simmering on low, turn to your glass baking dish.   Spray with Pam or other type vege spray.  If none, just wipe with paper towel with some vege oil on it.  Open your cans of tomato paste and diced tomatoes.  Pour 3/4 of each can into the blender.  Just blend a couple of quick times to make it smooth, not thin. It should look a bit like tomato soup texture.  Take 1/2 of that mixture, taste to see if need salt.  Add the salt, spread half of it over bottom of glass baking dish.  Lay 1 tortilla at a time on there, fill with a big spoonful ( about 3 Tablespoons) of meat vege mixture on the tortilla.  Close the tortilla and move it over to the top left.  Lay next tortilla next to it, repeat, close, move close to the 1st one.  Lay last one, fill it, and it has just enough space to place it there.  Start next row.  Your pan should hold easily 6 of these.  When finished filling all of these, pour the rest of the tomato sauce over the top of all of them nicely, taking care to make it look like a back and forth motion, don’t smother them.  Just pour back and forth giving them all a nice red tomato sauce with a little bit of the tortilla showing.

You should have already washed the Poblano Peppers and placed them in a small heavy pan  with about 1/2 inch of water in the bottom and steam on medium heat for about 20 minutes until just tender.  While this was cooking, so was the meat ingredients.  Turn off.  Let set.  When you are finished pouring your tomato sauce onto the filled tortillas, take these steamed Poblano’s and put on a plate and cut lengthwise about 1/2″ wide pieces.  Lay these decoratively, vertically (up and down) on each of the tortillas you filled and covered.  Now you have a very pretty dish ready to go into the oven!  Cover with good amount of heavy foil.  Oven at 350 and set timer for 10 minutes.  At the end of the 10 minutes, let the dish set in oven with it turned off and rest for about 20 minutes.  Meantime, set your table, put out your fresh cilantro on a plate, kind of piled high for looks and keeps it fresh.  Set out sour cream, perhaps Lemon Water and Ice or your favorite complimentary drink.   Take out of the oven, top with little grated cheese (couple of tablespoons) and dollop of sour cream.  This is amazingly good!  Piece up some of the Cilantro leaves on your dish and eat it all together.  Soooo good!  You family will beg for these time and time again!

If you cannot find Spelt tortillas, try whole wheat ones if you can have wheat.

God Bless all my readers.  Here is to your health!

Natures Sunshine Herbs

Sugar Free Low Carb Jellies to your Delight!

I guess I have been stricken with the old fashioned roots of making what you eat! It proves to be tastier, memorable, satisfying and rewarding. They say necessity is the mother of invention and it is so true. What got me started on this was being tired of paying a huge price for a small amount of pure organic unsweetened jelly. I started my research to see just how do they do it?

I purchased a canning book (Ball) from Walmart, reviewed my cookbooks and then the back side of the Pectin packages and found just the right recipe that fit for my plums and strawberries. I started with fresh strawberries.

When I saw them on sale and really fresh looking, it was time to purchase plenty and make up my jars of jellies. You can choose to can or not to can. The jellies will last a couple weeks to a month in the refrigerator without a problem with no canning, just the cooking process described below.

Here are the things you need to have on hand to do this:

Walmart’s Ball brand packets of pectin. Really doesn’t matter which “type” pectin you choose, but for me I chose 1. Pectin for low to no sugar recipes and 2. Classic pectin. :You are benefiting from my experience and now I can tell you if you do not add actual sugar, you need a little more pectin. So if it calls for 1 package, I use two.

Let’s begin with strawberry jam or jelly.

2 1/2 cups of fresh strawberries, after going through processor to small bits

2 packets of your choice of pectin (the size of a jello packet)

1/3 cup of frozen concentrated organic grape juice (purple)

4-5 small packs of powdered stevia (looks like sweet n low packs)

Directions: place the grape juice in the pan, pour in the strawberry puree. Add the 2 packs of powdered pectin and stir in well. Heat to boiling while stirring constantly. When get to boiling temperature, boil for 1 minute and stir constantly. Remove from heat.

Jars should already be cleaned and now sitting in heated water to keep from breaking them. Use the small jelly jars you buy Kerr or Ball. This should fill up 4 to 5 jars (8 ounces). Place the tops on and close tightly and let sit in your kitchen to cool then refrigerate. You will LOVE these! You will never believe there is no sugar in them! Happy breakfast with jelly! The exact same procedure to make plum jelly. You do not peel the plums! A lot of the flavor is in the peel. Deee-licious! There are different instructions for other fruits, so be sure to read the back of the low sugar pectin pack before deciding what to do. You can also use concentrated frozen apple juice. I found the apple juice is great with the plums, but I like both the apple and the grape with them. Bon Appetit!

Blessings of Autumn to you!

Natures Sunshine Herbs

Make Your Own Lunch Meat, All Natural, No Chemicals and GOOD!

One of my pet peeves in grocery buying is lunch meat.  Looking for healthy choices is quite a chore, especially in the local mainstream stores such as Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, etc.  I was excited when I found Oscar Meyer had natural choices that were not made with preservatives.  These were the first I had seen and were not “bad” but were not what I would call tasty either and still have additives of some kind, although not as bad.  Nonetheless, if you need to make lunches, it was a healthier choice than some others with Sodium Nitrate in them.

So, for several years now I have been purchasing the roasted chicken, smoked ham, etc.  from Walmart lunch meat section.  The cost is about $4.00 for a small amount of thinly sliced meats that are almost tasteless (except for the ham).

Then, this year, I ran across some improved quality and taste with no preservatives from a Tyson Chicken product, Chicken Bol0gna in various flavors, including BBQ style.  I found these to be great tasting, but a little hefty on the salt but the cost factor is about the same as Oscar Meyer,  the food is purer, more natural tasting in this Tyson Chicken brand.

Still not really satisfied with what the choices are for lunch if you are a person to pack a lunch every day, I pulled out my “Make your Own Groceries” book from back in the 70’s.   Wouldn’t ya know it?  there it was!  homemade lunch meat!  I began to read through the recipes and decided I would try the chicken one first.   I had all the ingredients and it seemed simple to follow.    To my utter amazement, it worked and 2 lbs made enough of chicken loaf to slice and prepare about 18 sandwiches!  No kidding!

You gotta be a homemade loving person to do this.   Just the thought of it sounds a little over-board, but does this say something about our society now?  Have we begun to take all the processed foods, even the healthier ones, for granted that is what we eat?

I wanted to share this experience with you because it was a very enlightening and positive step, empowering if’ you will.    First, once I compiled the chicken and veges and started the pot to boiling the whole house smelled like the beginning of the holidays!  deep, rich smell of whole veges and chicken cooking with spices and water rivaling the smell of Thanksgiving!   So, I put together what could be called the recipe for “Stone Soup” like the children’s reader of long ago.   There is no stone in there, but the smell of these veges cooking will bring you back to your humble beginnings.

Here it is:  2 pounds of chicken, washed and skinned, bone-in.  Place the veges on the bottom.  Place the lemons right on top as well as the Parsley.

3 medium sized orange carrots

3-4 long pieces of celery even with leaves

4-6 whole peppercorns

1 large quartered only onion

3 slices of lemon (washed well and thinly sliced)

2 large tablespoons of dried Parsley

Large stew pot

enough water to almost cover the entire mix

Knox gelatin (2 packets)

Bring this to boil.

slow it down to 1 or 2 to simmer for 2 hours

When its has completed this 1st step, remove the chicken from the rest of the pot and set aside to cool a little.  Take off the skin of the meat (if any), take out bones and other little unnecessary pieces, keeping the pure meat.

In clean pot, take your clean hands and start pulling meat apart and hand shredding it.  Once this looks pretty well done, take most of the broth from the other pot and pour it through a wire mesh strainer (quicker) or you can use cheesecloth.  If cheesecloth, throw away the cloth when finished with it.

Now, back to your clean pot with the shredded meat.  Add about 2 cups of clean strained broth to this pot and stir into the meat until it disappears, looks almost like pudding, not soupy though.  Turn on the heat and heat the mixture through.  Turn off the heat, remove the pot and add two packets of Knox unflavored gelatin and now set the timer for 3 minutes.  Stir this vigorously for 3 minutes.  You can rest about every minute.  You can now add some garlic, salt, pepper or whatever spice you like  to taste.  Pour this into an 8″ long x 2 or 3″ deep loaf pan, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for several hours.

You will be amazed!  You can slice about 1/4″ thick, 2 slices per sandwich and this will last you through about 18 sandwiches.  Tastes best with mustard and sweet onion, perhaps relish and lettuce.  This does not taste good with mayo.  Don’t even try it.

The recipe says this will last in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.  I believe it.  Still eating off the 1st loaf I made about 10 days ago.

Now, the day you make this, start early so that when you get ready to put it together, you can serve your dinner as a chicken soup, probably serves 4.  You will not regret it!  What a savings as well as great taste!  About $3.00 for 18 sandwiches worth of this recipe.    Only one thing I did not understand, the recipe said do not freeze it.  Okay.  That’s fine.  There are several others using lamb, beef and turkey.  You can use this recipe and just use turkey instead of chicken.   Check back for more recipes of make your own sandwich meat!

Chemical free, all natural cooking! Umm Umm Good!

natures sunshine herbs

General Meal Plan Structure for Low Carb No Wheat, No Sugar, No Milk Diets

I tend to keep things very simple.   With a busy lifestyle, you need to organize well and keep your meals as simple as possible until you have plenty of time to cook your masterpieces!

For simplicity’s sake, before I have even finished reading these books on special diets,(Blood Sugar Solution and Eat for Energy)  here is what I gleaned from them to get started right away without much ado.

1.  Go to your favorite grocery or market and pick up as much organic veges and fruits as you like.

2.  Keep a variety of bright colored veges and fruits washed, dried and packaged in your frig to make your raw food meals interesting and full of flavor.

3.  Salads:  I like to keep a large salad made up in the refrigerator in a large salad bowel just bursting with color!  Sample of “my” salad might be:  1.  romaine lettuce cut up into about 3 to 4 inch pieces  2.  purple cabbage sliced and thrown around on top and tossed throughout  3.  all colors of peppers (get a variety pak)   4.  silver dollar mushrooms (the typical small white mushroom)  5.  small pieces of broccoli   6.  some cut up celery   7.   Kale, separately marinated in olive oil and lemon  and then toss into your own plate   8.  Don’t forget the wonderful avocado!  slice some of these onto your salad or, better, make you a vegan sandwich using this: walnuts, tomatoes, lettuce and a few peppers and avocado.

Keep your wet additions in a separate container (sliced tomatoes).    Fix yourself a nice heavy salad for lunch and throw in a hand full of walnuts and put your favorite  home-made non-milk product, homemade dressing on there.  It is suggested to use walnut oil or olive oil and your favorite way to season it (add apple cider vinegar or balsamic, salt, garlic, etc.)

4.  Hummus – just discovered this tasty staple!  you would think this item would be full of starch right?  wrong.  It’s very high in protein.  6 grams for just 1/4 cup of commercially made.  So creamy and smooth, you can almost eat it as a dessert.  Though it is not sweet.  I buy a large tub of this from Central Market by Cedar’s.  There are some different flavors.  You can also make this at home relatively easy if you have time.  Buy some canned (ooops! here I am saying canned!)  organic chic peas or garbonzo beans or, soak some dried ones and steam them.     I do not know how to make Tahini, but Tahini is sesame seed paste.   If  you can figure that one out,  you add the paste to the chic peas and blend with fresh garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, salt to taste.  Its just sooo good!   Keep this item in the refrigerator at all times!  There is a recipe for homemade blender hummus in the book “Blood Sugar Solutions”.

5.  You are going to laugh at this one, Brown Rice Sea Weed Cakes!  Yes.  It does sound kind of going over-board, but don’t knock it until you try it.  It has a crunchy salty taste.  Full of nutrition.  Great for a snack once in a while.

6.   Sweet Potatoes – any sweet potato is good, but aim for a garnet sweet potato – the flesh would be whitish yellow, not orange inside.  Grocers are in the habit of mixing these up with the orange ones – ask them to show you the garnet ones and if they are smart, they will have each section with a cut open piece so you can see you are buying the garnet because of the “whitish yellow” inside.

7.   Other Grains – focus on Spelt Bread – Buy super good tasting Spelt bread, fresh-baked at Central Market or HEB.   You can take a stab at baking it, just remember to add some thickener to the batter, not gluten.  You can add guar gum, tapioca, there are others.  That helps to maintain the consistency and stability and help it to rise.   There are lots of wheat free recipes out there you can try.  Easiest is to just buy the fresh loaves.    I have not found an acceptable “other grain” loaf in any bakery of any kind other than Spelt.  If you buy Rye it has wheat in it, and so on.

I am experimenting on these, but I have one to report that is a sweetie.  I took an old old quick cobbler recipe and made it non-wheat variety and low glycemic.  It called for 1 cup of regular flour, 1 cup of sugar, 1 Tbls of Baking Powder, 1/4 tsp salt and 2/3 cup of milk;  then there is the filling.  The batter is substituted with:  about 2/3 cup of white spelt flour, 1/6 quinoa flour, 1/6 garbonzo bean flour and a couple of tablespoons of xylitol, 2/3 cup of creamy “SO” brand coconut milk.  Stir vigorously, taste the batter and add more xylitol if needed.  Filling:  2 cups of fresh blackberries, washed and drained, cook on low on the stove until tender, not cooked to pieces – about 10-12 minutes simmering in very little water (1/8 cup).  Meantime, fix up a thickener  – I used tapioca flour about 2 tbls with about 4 ounces of water, shake in a jar, and when the fruit is hot and bubbly, add and stir in (keep stirring) until you see it thicken well, add a little squeeze of fresh lemon juice for tartness.  Set the fruit mixture aside.  Get out your casserole (about 4″ deep) dish and put a stick of butter in the bottom and pop in the oven to melt (350).  When that is melted, take it out, pour the batter over the butter, then pour the fruit mix in the middle of the batter.  Pop this in the oven and set for 45 minutes at 350.  It will be done when the crust rises up over the fruit and is slightly golden.  Ummm Ummm Good!  this is NOT on the low carb diet, but is a healthy better choice than getting ice-cream or some other full sugared dessert.  Keep this on the back burner for special occasions. You can also just use a can of pie filling, but it has such nasty sugar in it, I would not use it unless you can find organic sugar and fruit as the ingredients.  Still, it will be much sweeter than this little gem.  You have cut the carbs on this by about 90%!

8.  No Milk, Milk.  There are some great milk substitutes out there now.  We are so fortunate there are natural food industry folks willing to go out on a limb to bring us the best!    Sold in half gallon cartons in the cold storage next to cow’s milk are Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk.   “So” Coconut Milk unsweetened and there are some others like Hemp milk.     I make smoothies every day from frozen fruit, whey powder (unsweetened), coconut milk, grapefruit, and lemons (no sugar at all) and its absolutely delicious!  Tastes like nothing you have every purchased!  Its truly great!  Here is that recipe and you can mix this up any way you like with different fruits, this is just my favorite for fat burning, vitamin c and overall great taste:

for 3 people:

3 scoops of vanilla flavored unsweetened whey protein powder (has stevia)

2 cups of strawberries (frozen)

1 cup of mango (frozen)

1 grapefruit juiced

2 lemons juiced

fill rest of way up to just below top of the fruit with coconut milk and blend.  Its not easy to blend, have to start and stop a lot and dig down and stir to get the liquid in there moving the fruit, but it comes out like ice-cream!

THS IS YOUR TREAT!!!!  Have this in the morning with a couple of eggs,  or handful of nuts and you are out the door!

Oil:  Use Coconut Oil (expeller pressed, unrefined, extra virgin)  instead of butter on toast, making eggs, with your potatoes

Fresh Fish – this is so easy, you will love it.   If you have never had Salmon, you must try it.  Go to the best fresh fish counter you can find and purchase about 1 pound of fileted wild caught salmon for 4 servings.    Rinse, place in greased or sprayed pyrex dish and lay your fish skin down and use lemon-pepper generously on the top side of the fish.  Broil about 20 minutes for a medium thick piece – 25 for heavier.  When the meat flakes easy with fork – its ready and will melt in your mouth!  Its even good cold!  Enjoy this – and realize there is word out there it enhances fat burning!  (not to mention all the omega 3 oils in there and protein)  Don’t be afraid when you see a deep red color at bottom of the inside of the fish, its not raw – its “just” cooked and makes it tender and juicy.  If you cook this too much, you’ll be sorry- very dry.

Of course, on one of these diets, animal foods are permissable (Blood Sugar Solution) and other other one (Eat for Energy) they are not.  If you are a person who really can’t go without your meats, these are suggestions for you:  Fish, Grilled chicken, eggs any way you like them, boiled chicken, chicken soup, shrimp, all natural turkey bacon (Wilshire).  Tip:  when buying salmon, keep in mind that if it is farm raised salmon, they fed the salmon pellets with food coloring in them or, if no food coloring, this little fish would not be the bright red color of its “FREE AND EASY WILD CAUGHT SISTER OR BROTHER”.

Well, there are lots of things to talk about with these two diet plans, but I will end it with a glass of almond milk and 3 tablespoons of ground flaxeed.  Tasty, filling, satisfying and the lignans help you turn the sweet tooth around to non-sweet tooth!

Have a great healthy day!  Blessings from above to all my readers!  May some of the things in this post be a help to you and yours.

Natures Sunshine Herbs

CoCoNut Oil and Milk, Great Diet Fixtures!

During my quest to learn about ways to implement the Blood Sugar Solution diet plan and Eat for Energy plan, I ran across a lot of information on Coconut oil.  Did you know that if you use Coconut oil (extra virgin, not heated or processed, raw) on your toast, on in your hot cereal, on your sweet potatoes, to saute your veges, to cook your eggs, you are adding to your diet one of the best oils possible and it doesn’t count as a fat!!! yes, you will be positively giddy about using this oil.  It tastes good.  Good thing is, it’s so good for you, you digest it and you do not store it as fat!

I saw a video recently about how it affects the brain of folks with alzheimers.   Click this link to view “Coconut Oil Video’.    It was a story about a female doctor whose husband came down with the disease and he was pretty young.  She did extensive research and came up with coconut oil as something that would improve this condition, may even reverse it.  She started putting it in his food every day for a few weeks and saw dramatic improvement.  I have also started incorporating this into my family’s diets and my mother, who is elderly and suffering with memory problems, doesn’t have alzheimers but she has improved vastly in her physical endurance and some on the congnative skils.  She can now walk past 13 houses when she was only walking past 5.  No complaints, very cheery.

So, I see more than just the weight-loss benefits to this wonderful oil.   I find it the least expensive at Whole Foods if you are purchasing it in 32 ounce size it’s about $20.00.   Cost less to order online through Amazon.com.

This is a staple of any good diet.  If you are using the principles found in the Blood Sugar Solution, it’s absolutely complimentary to it all.  I urge you to purchase this wonderful oil and enjoy!

As for coconut milks, there are differences.   Of course, the very best is to just buy a young coconut and drink the milk.   They are not readily available in our neighborhood.   I am not interested in drinking the canned coconut drinks.  I find them sugary and I had a bad reaction to one of them.  I do however, drink unsweetened coconut milk that is in a green and white 1/2 gallon milk carton sold at HEB, Whole Foods and Central Market.  It is very good and that is what I use for my smoothies every day.  I cook with it when milk is needed.  It has a creamy consistency – low-calorie, great.

Here’s to your health!  Enjoy your life and don’t you dare get hungry!  These meals will be very satisfying.    Stop the sugar and you will not regret it.

NaturesSunshine Herbs


Keeping Up with Latest Diets? What about that Blood Sugar Problem?

Seems like everywhere you look there are folks walking around with more weight than they need, much more.   Have you ever pondered about why it is more now that it used to be?  In a desperate search to find the right method for my body chemistry to shed very stubborn unwanted pounds, I ran across 3 items of interest that I pass along to you today.

My focus has been diet that will help me trick my body into burning fat, even though it does not want to!   Since around age 40 I have been besieged with problems relating to blood sugar.   To name a few, hypoglycemia, yeast or candida, bloating, weight that can actually fluctuate as much as 7 pounds in a day eating the wrong things.  I read and read, watched and watched, asked and asked everywhere I went to find answers for how do you fix a “pre-diabetic” condition?  First of all, why was it all my life I was fine, skinny, could eat anything with no ill effects?  then something changed and I have not yet, until now, been able to undo  it.

This year, I became so disgusted with my weight I began another relentless search to find a way to trick this body into losing weight.  Bear in mind, I am not a big eater.  Small breakfast, small lunch and medium dinner.  Mostly organic, no fried, everything homemade as possible, lots of water, no sugar drinks and very little attention to anything sweet unless it is something I know will not bother my blood sugar and cause a series of problems.

I began searching on the internet.  I found a website called “beyonddiet.com”  It was interesting and sounded like the focus I needed to have.  It was all about not eating sugar, changing your meal plans to a different taste, exercising and losing methodically.  Has a video instructor and some newsletter reminding e-mails that are really pretty neat.  But, I went “beyond” Beyonddiet.com and found a book called “The Blood Sugar Solution” by Dr. Mark Hyman.   Interestingly, he is Bill Clinton’s doctor and whom Pres. Clinton avows saved his life.   I began to read the summary info about the book and realized I had hit  the target!  I went straight to Amazon.com and ordered this book.

Its a masterpiece on the chemistry of our bodies and why these things are happening to so many people.  It offers precise solutions to the problem, answering questions to assess where you are at in your health picture and then proposing diet plans, recipes and even a supplementary free website to go and get more info.

You will learn that your genes can be redirected by your daily living experiences and eating habits, toxic environment, and stress.   But the good news is, according to this author, who is very specialized in this field of study, you can reverse it!  You can change this “diabesity” directive to your genes.  First is to identify what are all the things causing the problems with your weight and health.  Then he offers his solutions.

Here are some excerpts from Dr. Hyman’s book:  “. . .from 1983 to 2008 the number of people in the world with diabetes increased 7 fold, from 35 million to 240 million (and I believe this is actually a serious underestimate).  Change of this magnitude could not happen with a purely genetic or inherited disorder in such a short time.  The genetic code of the human population changes only 0.2 percent every 20,000 years.  It is not altered from generation to generation.  What many people don’t realize is that our genes are affected by our environment.  Our genetic code itself may not change, bu the way those genes are expressed is highly influenced by the world around us.  And our environment has changed more in the last 100 years than in all of previous human history.”  The Blood Sugar Solution, Chapter 3, Mark Hyman, M.D.

Since I have been putting into practice the advise of this book, I immediately began to get results and they have continued until now as I write this post -just about 6 weeks.   No cravings, food is satisfying, weight is gradually coming down about 1 to 2 pounds per week.   Energy level is very good.

But, that wasn’t enough.  Someone approached me with exciting news she had lost 16 pounds!  It was only about 5 weeks for her at that time and she had a stunning appearance, youthful, vibrant and felt so much better than before.  She took her dieting to an extreme when she read “Eating for Energy” by Yuri Elkaim, BPHI, CK, RHN.    This is basically a raw food diet.   So, I started incorporating some of what is in that book with my Blood Sugar Solutions book.  They were consistent books.  “Eating for Energy” has intense research that you can really appreciate.

I am still in the process of completing the reading of these books, but have taken off on the dieting never to look back.  I am doing great.

I encourage anyone who has had difficulty with these type issues to read Dr. Hyman’s book and also the Eating for Energy book because they are complimentary.

I have found more information watching Dr. Oz television program from time to time and adding a few supplements that assist with fat burning, especially the mid-section.  Apparently, blood sugar problems (I call them) which are called diabetes by Dr. Hyman target adding fat to the mid-section or belly through insulin resistance.  There are foods that cause insulin resistance.  Chemicals that cause it and tremendous stress can cause it as well.  Number one on the list, however, is consumption of sugar (probably over time, regularly, not just now and then).  But, with all of the causes of the “diabesity”, you are likely to hit one of them in one degree or another.  Dr. Hyman says that about 50% of all diabetes are never diagnosed or are mis-diagnosed.  He says there is no such thing as “pre-diabetes” when you have the symptoms that doctors call “pre-diabetes” you have diabetes.

Dr. Hyman exposes commercial food industry practices that make  you addicted to their packaged, or fast foods.

He states emphatically, if it has more than a few ingredients, don’t touch it.  Eat as fresh, organic and mostly veges and fruits as possible.   Eat certain types of fruit so as not to cause a spike in your blood sugar, hence, thwart the efforts to re-dial your chemistry.

I now  eliminating any milk products, sugar and  wheat products.  I am learning to eat and bake with alternative grains, which are really not so alternative, some of the grains were used widely prior to wheat.  Lots of raw veges and fruits.  Lots of pure water.  Some fish, some chicken and eggs.

One added benefit I have noticed right away – no more sinus problems!  I had constant coughing, clearing my throat, especially at night as soon as I lay down.   Allergy season made this worse.  Well, its allergy season now.  No more coughing!

I have read for many years that wheat, milk and sugar are 3 items that cause all sorts of allergies.  Of course, never occurred to me that those might me my problems in part!  If I were to guess, I would say its the milk products that are the most cause worthy when it comes to my coughing.  Milk does cause mucous to form (cow’s milk).  Its hard to digest because its truly meant for a large animal (calf) that has 2 stomachs to digest it!!  So there, I said it.  Cow’s milk is not what we think it is.  Mommas don’t let your babies grow up drinking cow’s milk!  There is plenty of protein and calcium in other milks available that are simple to digest, such as goat’s milk, but the best would be mother’s milk.  That is how we were made to function.   Can we really out do the Master Creator and come up with nourishment better than was designed for our babies?  That is another subject altogether.

For now, let it be noticed that there are things we can do to help ourselves.    Let your eyes do the reading, ears do the listening, and heart hear the wisdom.   Live life to the fullest with a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Here is to your health and well being!

More Low Carb Thanksgiving Goodie Recipes

Okay fellow Thanksgivingites! Tomorrow “should” be the day to begin cooking for your grateful gathering!  Below are two great recipes that were mentioned in the earlier post for a sure to delight Thanksgiving dinner!

1.  Betty Crocker Recipe Book, 1979 Edition – Refrigerator Roll Dough:

1 package of active dry yeast

1 1/2 cups of warm water

1 cup of UNSEASONED luke warm mashed potatoes (can use instant plain)

2/3 cup of sugar (choose your type, lower glycemic index is “in the raw” sugar, even lower would be xylitol)

2/3 cup of Spectrum Organic All Vegetable Shortening (palm oil, no trans fats and non-hydrogentated)

2 whole eggs (best to buy cage-free and organic, flavor is rich)

6 to 7 cups of all purpose flour (if you want lower carb, half of this should be whole wheat flour (organic please) (King Arthur is a good brand as well as Arrowhead Mills) Others may be fine, I use these the most and are good quality.


Important:  dissolve yeast in large metal bowl or large ceramic bowl  in warm water.  Stir in potatoes, sugar, shortening, eggs, salt and 3 cups of the flour.  Beat until smooth (use your paddle in an electric mixer for breads if you have this, if not just a large heavy mixing attachment).  Mix in enough flour to make dough light, fluffy and easy to handle.  Turn dough on to lightly floured surface; knead until smooth and elastic about 5 minutes.  Place in greased bowl and turn greased side up.  Cover bowl tightly with plastic wrap.  Refrigerate at least 8 hours, but no longer than 5 days.

Remove from refrigerator, punch down dough and separate into 4  equal parts.  Use 1/4 of the dough for any Dinner Roll recipe (below).

Whole Wheat Refrigerator Roll Dough:  Substitute 3-4 cups of white flour with wheat for the 2nd addition of all purpose flour.

Dinner Rolls:

Cloverleaf Rolls – Shape 1/4 of the refrigerator dough into 1 inch balls.   Place 3 balls each in each medium sized greased muffin cup (2 1/2 x 1 1/4 inches).  Brush with butter that is softened.  Cover with mildly damp clean cup towel and let sit in warm place in kitchen for 1 hour to rise.  Heat oven to 400 degrees.  Bake until golden brown, 15 to 20 minutes.

End of Recipe

Graham Cracker Crust and Cheesecake with Low Carb Twist

Preparation time:  15 minutes approx.  Bake 1 hour and 10 minutes

1 3/4 cups of Graham Cracker Crumbs (I purchase from Whole Foods or other health foods to get one without High Fructose Corn Syrup)  I use Mi-Del brand and put in the food processor to make my own crumbs.  If you do not do this, you get a chemical laiden brand with high fructose corn syrup and many other things from regular grocery which is high glycemic)

1/3 cup of butter melted

1 1/4 cups of sugar divided (I do not use sugar making the crust, this will be less if you want low carb)

3 packages of either low fat, full fat or no fat cream cheese (8 ounces each)

2 tsp vanilla

3 eggs (organic, cage free for best taste)

1 cup of organic sour cream (best one I found is Horizen low-fat sour cream in red container -this is sumptuous! and less glycemic to my sense)

1 can cherry pie filling (this is standard, but if you want low carb – here is the substitute:  you can use whatever fruit you like, like sour cherries or fresh strawberries, but to make a glaze to mix with the fresh fruit I get a jar of strawberry jelly that has no sugar added to it, put in sauce pan with  just enough water to make the jelly fluid but thick and squeeze of lemon for tartness, heat and stir until smooth, thick looking glaze to your liking, then take your cut up fresh fruit and stir up with this glaze and pour over the cooled cheesecake that has been in refrigerator overnight or 4 hours already. (see below)  Ready to serve.

Directions:  Preheat oven to 350 degrees if using SILVER 8 or 9 inch springform pan, preheat to 325 degrees if using dark non-stick 8 or 9 inch springform pan.  Mix graham cracker crumbs, butter and (optional 1/4 cup of sugar)  (if you want low carb, don’t add the sugar to this, the crackers are sweet enough)  Press firmly on bottom of pan and 2 1/2″s up the side of the pan.  Set aside.

In mixer, beat cream cheese, remaining 1 cup (or little less) of sugar (try xylitol in this) and the vanilla in large bowl on high speed until well blended.  Decrease to low speed and add eggs 1 at a time, mixing on low speed just until blended for each egg.  Add sour cream, blend and pour into the crust.

Bake 1 hour  to 1 hour and 10 minutes until center is set.  Turn oven off leaving door slightly ajar.  Leave cheesecake in oven 1 hour.  Remove and cool completely.  Refrigerate 4 hours or overnight.  Remove the springform side of the pan, place on serving dish and top with your favorite filling (above). Makes 16 servings.  Refrigerate leftovers.

End of Recipe

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