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Aloha Aloe Vera! Where Have You Been?

Aloe Vera is a best kept secret!  How many of you out there knew that you could grow, eat, make juice, make drinks with your own Aloe Vera plant?  You may have thought about it now and then if you are currently taking Aloe Vera juice as a tonic for whatever of many illnesses and conditions that it can improve.

It has been known for probably thousands of  years the healing powers of this plant.  It is cooling, healing, alkalizing, aids in digestion, fights cancer,  helps to  normalize the colon, anti-inflamatory,  skin makeover, heals all kinds of burn conditions, including from the sun.  One of the most popular things it can help is arthritus.

I have been using it for many years for stiffness, aches and pains.  You know,  body begins to creek and it takes you longer to stand up, longer to sit down, and you are slower to move.   Try two ounces of liquid aloe twice per day plus  500 miligrams of B 6 vitamin and see if you don’t feel better!  I learned that one from a prominent “healer” native American Creek Indian that is part of a huge network of herbalists and natural healing proponents.

So, what brought me to think about making Aloe Vera drinks?  When I ran out of my commercially made Aloe Vera juice that I purchased from Naturessunshine products.  I reached for the Aloe plant I had just bought.  I decided to try and taste it, but it perhaps in my blender and make a smoothie.  To my surprise, it was pretty good.  It did not resemble the commercially made juice drink.  I surmised it must be about twice as strong as the juice.   The entire plant was good.   Then one day I ran across these huge Aloe Vera spears at Walmart for $1.28 each.  I bought one and took it home.

I washed this well, trimmed off the prickly edges of about 3, 1″ wide pieces.  I started out using the skin, but it had a laxative effect and I decided just to peel it.  The inside looks a bit like an ice cube in texture and is see through, a little on the slimy side to hold, but it stays in tact, holds it shape.  Plunk that into the blender with orange juice, some fresh lemon and blend well, then added a scoop of Whey Powder, blend, then a little Almond Milk and blend.  It gets frothy and has a wonderful smell!  It is thin with this mixture, but tastes delicious!  Reminded me of an Orange Julius of long ago in the 70’s.  If you want to make it a little better, add ice to it and make it a very cold drink.  You can also add some mango chunks (frozen or fresh) and blend and retain that smooth taste  with citric and milk.  Ummm Ummm good!  If you want to make it a bit sweeter, add some strawberries, xylitol, stevia.

I start out with about 1 cup of orange juice and 2 lemons squeezed.  drop 3 1″ wide by 3:” long pieces into the blender and blend well.  Then add the protein powder (whey, Whole Food brand with no stevia), blend, then add some mango, then add about a cup of unsweetened almond milk, blend.  Drink up!  It is delicious and will make you feel better every day!  It works best with citric flavoring.   So Aloha! Aloe Vera! and goodbye to many of my aches and pains of yesterday.

Update:  try just growing Aloe Vera plants.  They germinate and multiply themselves in one pot!  You can cut off a spear and keep it for literally months on your kitchen counter and it will not turn or spoil.  It seals itself off at the end.  Keep in warm room.  Never cold or will turn black!  Use about 2 inch piece at a time for a tonic.  Eat it fresh or put whole into your blender with smoothie ingredients mentioned above.


The following article has been reproduced by permission from Apologetics Press.  The article in its entirety is copied here verbatim and the website and other info is included.  I would like to thank Apologetics Press for making a vast amount of information concerning God, Creation and the Existence of God as it is found in the Bible and through science available for those seeking to learn about their world and their God.

As follows:

Plants that Do Math Add Evidence for God

by Kyle Butt, M.A.


One of the first steps to becoming a good student in school is to learn the basics: reading, writing, and arithmetic. Students spend hours trying to master the basics of arithmetic. But it seems that students in grade school are not the only math masters. A new study indicates that plants may be exceptional at math as well. Allison Smith and Martin Howard of the John Innes Center in Norwich suggest that plants perform basic arithmetic in order to preserve the correct amount of starch during the night (Ledford, 2013). Heidi Ledford, writing for Nature News, explained that scientists once thought plants broke down starch at night time at a fairly constant rate. Experimental results, however, have shown that plants can vary their rate of starch consumption based on the number of hours of darkness they experience. Regardless of how many hours plants sit in darkness, they can regulate their starch use so that virtually no starch remains when the light returns (2013).

While this is the first study to suggest that plants do arithmetic, researchers indicate that this process could explain other biological systems, such as animal hybernation and long migrations in which food supplies need to be regulated to ensure survival. More research will be needed to verify Smith’s and Howard’s conclusions, but Howard states: “We are dealing with a fundamental biological process in cells that’s doing a sophisticated arithmetic calculation” (Ledford, 2013).

The implications of these findings that pertain to the existence of God are obvious. If plants really are doing arithmetic, that means they have been programmed by some type of intelligence. This intelligence must understand arithmetic, and be able to write into plants a code by which the plants can use arithmetic to their advantage. The atheistic, materialistic explanation for the origin of the Universe cannot adequately account either for the laws of math or for plants that can use those laws to survive. When the Creator designed plants, He saw that they were very good (Genesis 1:12). The concept of an intelligent Designer is the only one that adds up.


Ledford, Heidi (2013), “Plants Perform Molecular Maths,” Nature, http://www.nature.com/news/plants-perform-molecular-maths-1.13251.


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